Quality Metal Pressings & Stampings

At Frank Dudley Limited, we are proud to be the company chosen by many UK manufacturers and global companies for the manufacture of metal pressings, stampings and welded assemblies of the very highest standard. They know that we offer outstanding customer care, efficient turnaround of quality components and competitive pricing.

We may have started from fairly humble beginnings in Frank Dudley’s own shed, but we have grown significantly since then into a manufacturing base occupying an impressive 57,000 square feet and offering a range of presses from 30T to 630T on our progression and tandem lines. Getting the product right first time every time is of the utmost importance to our skilled and professional teams and our commitment to our people and our machinery ensures we meet this objective time and time again.

Cost Effective Stainless Steel & Aluminium Pressing & Stamping

We want our customers to experience the most cost effective and efficient manufacturing route, and to choose us as their metal pressings manufacturing partner. We can only ensure this happens by delivering a consistently high quality metal pressing service and working closely with our customers throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.

We are here to help with the manufacture of many types of metal stampings and pressings, including, but not limited to:

  • Metal pressings / stampings
  • Stainless steel pressings
  • Aluminium pressings
  • Deep drawn pressings

We would be delighted to tell you more about our metal pressing and stamping techniques and how economical these services can be for your business no matter which industry you operate in.

Aluminium Pressings and Stampings
stainless steel Pressings and Stampings

Custom Metal Pressings & Stampings

Here at Frank Dudley Limited we understand that the quality of our services and components are only ever as good as the machinery and people we invest in. For this reason, we ensure that we continually expand the knowledge and expertise of our teams along with the capabilities of our production equipment and tools.

At the heart of our single operation metal pressing and stamping expertise lies our range of ‘C’ frame and large bed power presses. These range in capacity from 50-630 tons, offering our customers complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the press that best suits their needs.

Our efficient tooling solutions are designed to offer complete flexibility, value for money and the highest level of quality. We offer our customers a wide choice between operations, materials, finishes and production volume. This ensures that we can adapt our services to suit your exact needs. Due to our large range of capacities, operations can be carried out individually, in pairs for handed parts and to ensure we keep our competitive edge we will also gang or stage production operations.

Examples of operations Frank Dudley Limited currently produce:

  • Forming, piercing, coining, marking and drawing
  • Blanking or cropping from strip, coil or blanks

We can produce metal pressings in the following materials:

  • Stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium
  • 0.5mm to 15mm thick
We also offer a wide range of finishes for your components, including but not limited to:
  • Surface - vibro debur, chemical black or polished
  • Plating - zinc, barrel zinc, chrome or black chrome
  • Paint - powder or e-coat

When it comes to production volumes, we can handle any volume from 50 components per batch to 15,000 components per week. If you need lower volumes, just let us know and we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs. We can offer metal pressings from laser cut blanks with secondary operations if required.

Metal Pressings and Stampings

Our secondary operations include:

  • Metal pressings / stampings
  • Deep drawn components
  • Assembled components
  • Tool making
  • Drilling, tapping and reaming
  • Spot and projection welding
  • CO2 welding - manual and robotic

Speak to our team today for more information about our metal pressings and how we can help you to get the best return on your investment with us.