To excel in engineering is one of our primary objectives here at Frank Dudley Limited. We believe that forward thinking, constant development of our teams and equipment and diversifying our services will ensure our customers get the best from our engineering operations.

From product development to final production, we work closely with our customers to ensure we deliver products and services that are second to none. We know that you are looking for the highest standard in manufacturing, efficient turnaround and a competitive price, and that is exactly what we aim to deliver on a daily basis. We can only meet your requirements by perfecting and continually improving our engineering functions. We do this by constantly monitoring our skills base, improving our resources and investing in our people.

Collaboration is key to the success

Collaboration with our customers is key during every stage of every project. Whether you require irregular deliveries at varying quantities or production batches supplied to schedule, we will work closely with you to deliver the right product on time every time. Our engineering teams also collaborate closely with each other to ensure projects run smoothly and are completed at the very highest standard.


Unrivalled sheet metal engineering

We have invested highly in our teams and also in the latest engineering technologies. This ensures that we are ready to receive your project and prepared to start work immediately. We have many years of experience in the manufacturing process and we are proud that our own founder, Frank Dudley, was a pioneer in the processes we are still using across our business today. This experience shows in everything we do, from concept through to the final production of each component.

Our focus is on the entire product lifecycle and meeting the demands of our customers and their manufacturing requirements. This means we can help you with conception, design and production and also recyclability at the end of a product’s useful life. We can help you to meet and exceed the demands on your business by providing you with cost effective, efficient and high quality manufacturing services.

Investment in our people

As a family run business, we treat our workforce as one of our most important assets and ensure that equality, personal development and job satisfaction are key components of our company ethos. Not only does this enhance motivation and productivity across our teams, but ensures that our customers receive the best service and components possible. Our continuous training and development programme ensures that our engineering function is first class and that they receive the encouragement and motivation they need to carry out their roles to a consistent high standard.


Speak to our friendly and helpful team today

Here at Frank Dudley Limited, we go that extra mile to ensure our customers are delighted with the service they receive. No matter what the size of the project, or components you need, our team can help and can offer engineering services for your components that will help you to drive your business forward, no matter what your industry. Our friendly and professional team would be very happy to hear from you, and to give you more details about our engineering services.