The pressure on our customers to deliver within their industry is constantly growing and this is something we understand first hand at Frank Dudley Limited. Global competition and expanding markets have attributed greatly to this pressure as has the need to drive down costs and expand operations in order to remain competitive.

Many of our customers across many industries are feeling this pressure and this is a problem we aim to help to reduce and eliminate. By offering cost effective, efficient and first class manufacturing services to our customers, we can help you to keep control of your budgets, win more business and maintain your competitive edge. The demands on your business will only continue to escalate. The good news is that we can help you to keep up with that demand by scaling our services to suit your needs and get the best results for your customers and stakeholders.

Satisfying customer expectations

Late deliveries, poor quality components and unsatisfactory customer service can not only lose you business, but also damage your reputation. At Frank Dudley Limited, we understand that the key to remaining competitive and in your customers’ good books is to offer consistently good service. We can help you to do this by committing ourselves to fulfilling your needs to the highest possible standard.

Our continued success can be attributed to five key factors: quality; productivity; speed; flexibility; and logistics management. By offering our customers these benefits, we can help you to fulfil and exceed the needs and expectations of your own customers.


Flexible manufacturing services that keep you ahead of your competition

One of the most important factors of remaining competitive is to find your unique selling point. At Frank Dudley Limited, we believe that one of our most beneficial USPs is our flexibility. Whether you require small or large volumes of components, components to be produced loose or in a continuous strip, we can deliver to your exact requirements.

Transportation is also key in our logistics operations. We want you to not only receive your components on time, but in perfect condition too. We will ensure the transportation of your components is to your specification, this may be a time slot, weight restrictions or packaging constraints. Frank Dudley will work with you to find the most cost affective and efficient route possible.

Packaging is another part of our quality commitment. We offer a range of standard and bespoke packaging solutions that can be produced to suit your requirements. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • returnable plastic reels, boxes and trays
  • returnable plastic, metal, cardboard and plastic spools
  • vacuum formed trays

Always on hand to assist with customer demand

Whether you need components delivered quickly, or you have a large batch that you need assistance with, our teams are on hand to help. We offer the scale and sophisticated stock holding processes that will help you to keep on top of customer demand, and to deliver your products to the highest specification. No matter where you are, or what components you need, we will make it our top priority to deliver on schedule, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.