Grant Dudley-Toole

Managing Director

Grant, our esteemed managing director, has been with the company for over 18 years and joined us at the age of 34. Prior to joining us, Grant held a number of roles within the engineering and waste sectors and brought valuable skills and experience to our door. His first role at FDL was as sales and marketing manager, a role in which he quickly established the current business and took us from earning a turnover of £2m to £8-10m in just seven years. Grant joined Frank Dudley Limited on the advice of his mother and in his own words, this was the best career move he ever made. His philosophy is one that is shared and adopted by the entire workforce and that is to create a profit generating business, to support growth and investment and to continuously improve employee wellbeing. Adopting and instilling these values across the company will ensure this family business continues to go from strength to strength over many generations to come.

Graham Foxall

Operations Director

Graham has years of experience in the pressings and automotive industries, he has worked for Wagon Automotive and Baylis Automotive, among other big names in the industry. He has been with Frank Dudley Limited for over 10 years and has held various roles within the company during that time. His experience in engineering, project management and operations make him a very valuable asset. He is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in all aspects of our business. Graham recognised the Frank Dudley name as a reputable family business to work for and believed that his diverse skills could help to take us to the next level.

Josh Dudley-Toole

Business Development Manager

Josh, our business development manager, has been with us for over five years now and first started work with us when he was just 11, cleaning our trucks on a Saturday morning. He also earned a little pocket money cutting protective plastic for one of our parts - something Josh described as "the worst job ever!” Before working in a business development role, Josh was responsible for five key accounts, and the generation of new business in a range of diverse markets. He also held the role of production manager, helping to ensure that every quality part was delivered right first time, every time. Josh believes strongly in team development and his experience of teaching around the world has helped him to recognise how to get the best out of people.

Warren Dudley-Toole

Purchasing Manager

Warren, our purchasing manager, has been with the company for over 15 years and started working with us when he was still at school, producing thousands of washers on the hand presses. He then took an apprenticeship in the tool room at Newman Tonks before taking off to explore the world. Warren, in his role as production manager with us, played a key role in leading our press and weld teams through the integration from our site on Western Road to new premises at Wiggin Street. It was here that he took over the logistics department, a role that would give him a lot of valuable experience and knowledge for his current role. Warren’s philosophy is that it will “be alright on the night” and that if we follow our procedures and lead as managers, the whole company will be successful in their personal and work related goals

Paul Medlicott

Quality Manager

Paul, a quality manager with years of industry experience, has been with the company for over 25 years. Hailing from an engineering background, he jumped at the chance to work with Frank Dudley Limited and to get back to his engineering roots. Paul has held various roles during his time with us, gaining valuable knowledge and experience along the way. He started with us as a warehouse store man and is now responsible for many quality control procedures across our site. Paul also has vast experience as a quality inspector and production manager and overseeing many production procedures and operations within the business.

Kathryn Ashford

Key Accounts Executive

Kathryn has been with the company for over 15 years, and has vast experience in account management, new sales, commercial aspects and project management. As many of our employees will agree, one of the things she enjoys the most about working for Frank Dudley Limited is the sense of being part of the family and the traditional family values we uphold to this very day. Kathryn is passionate about the company and ensuring that her customers receive the very best customer care at all times and at the most competitive price.