We are continually enhancing our product range in order to ensure our customers receive components of the very highest standard possible. Our team would be delighted to give you more information about our range of products and to answer any questions you may have about price, production or delivery times.

Here are just some examples of the products we produce on a daily basis:

Battery Carrier

As with all of the products we produce, the battery carrier benefits significantly from the capabilities of our 600T Single Action Line and Robotic C02 welding cells. Featuring 47 welds and 6 nuts over 5 assembled child parts, this is just one example of the many complex assemblies we are able to produce.

Metal Pressings & Stampings - Aluminium & Stainless Steel 99

Cylinder Shift

When it comes to illustrating our diverse manufacturing capabilities and strong supplier base, the cylinder shift does this perfectly. Featuring 3 separate sub-contract operations, this component is skilfully converted from a coil of steel into one of the most safety critical elements of a vehicle's braking system.

Tie Down Bracket

Here at Frank Dudley Limited, we are able to cope with very high volumes in production, exceeding 180,000 components each year. The tie down bracket is a perfect example of our commitment to technology and investment. Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment ensures we can continue to deliver parts in our high volume production lines on time and to the very highest standard.


Filter Component, Front Shock Absorber

Our 600T Progression Press line is one of our biggest assets, and helps us to deliver high quality products such as the front frame bracket. By continually investing in technology and training, we can ensure we are always a sustainable and valuable supplier in every industry we supply to.