Technology is a key component of our business and without the right tools and equipment we would be unable to deliver the quality of service that we do today. Since we were founded in 1948, we have had an ongoing commitment to investing in the latest manufacturing processes whilst also developing the traditional technologies that still work so well.

We started off as a company offering the cold stamping of small parts, but over the years we have developed our business to offer multiple services and technologies to our customers.


Our ever growing technology portfolio allows us to provide many capabilities all along the value chain, including;

  • A wide range of forming technologies, in addition to the cold forming processes we have always offered
  • A range of advanced technologies such as robotic welding
  • A selection of finishing options such as powder coating and cataphoresis through our trusted supplier base
  • A range of capabilities in-house for manufacturing tools and tooling.

At Frank Dudley Limited, we are committed to providing the best customer experience, efficient service and competitive prices. Continuous investment and development of our in-house technologies will ensure we go on providing unrivalled services and producing world class components.