Stainless Steel Pressings & StampingsFrank Dudley prides itself on Turnkey solutions that add value to our customer base. Stainless Steel Pressings & Stampings are just one of the many materials we manufacture. With the ability to take your stainless steel pressing from prototype to mass production, create a sustainable, reliable, and recyclable product Frank Dudley are the choice manufacturer in the UK.

Stainless Steel Pressings & Stampings

Stainless steel is a great choice of material to reduce finishing costs, but comes with severe repercussions if not handled and manufactured in the correct way. Ferritic stainless steel pressings are particularly desirable for their aesthetic appearance, you would be familiar with these products from your dentist and doctors surgeries. Stainless steel is anti-corrosive and resistant even in wet and damp environments. However, when regular or coated steels are exposed to these environments, they may deteriorate, whereas stainless steel pressings and stampings will retain their cosmetic appearance and performance qualities, thus making them the sensible choice where appearance is key. A few examples would be: vehicle interiors, white goods and electricals.

Composition of Stainless Steel
With the endless specifications and compositions of stainless steel, it is always best to seek advice on the most suitable variant for function and manufacture. Our teams are more than happy to assist and if we don’t know, our affiliation with local Universities gives our customers access to the expert advice.

Cost Savings with Stainless Steel
With Stainless Steel not requiring protective finishes or coatings against the elements, the additional cost on raw material compared to mild steel can be offset against a minimal cost, usually £0.

The unmatchable finish and permanence of stainless steel can also be applied to brightwork. Although this is usually on lower volume specialised vehicles, it is not out of reach for high volume applications if the correct process is applied. Stainless is not just for the reserve of prestige products, it also requires a specialist understanding of how to get the best out of this remarkable material.

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